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Mold removal is a service is intended to do just that – get mold out of your home. As a fungus found in moist environments, it generally presents itself nesting on dead leaves, soil, or decaying animals. It can be extremely dangerous or non-toxic. Regardless, humid conditions, warm temperatures, or water damage from leaks or spills can pose an unnecessary risk to harboring this dangerous substance in your home and need to be acted on right away. 

Excess growth of mold in a house can lead to potential health problems, so it is advised that you remove the mold infestation by calling in professional help from Mold Remediation Columbus. Mold in a house grows in places like walls, basements, and attics where it is dark and lacks any source of sunlight. It can grow on wooden doors and windows or even on books and magazines. Bathrooms are commonly the number one breeding ground for mold and mildew due to high humidity and lack of air flow. 

We can help you get rid of these issues! 

A condensation infestation is the last thing you should experience in your home. However, when your house is continuously using air conditioners with your doors and windows locked, it can be a risk. It is best that you periodically check the window panes and the doors for mold growth. Even if you have the slightest concern there may be mold, call Mold Remediation Columbus today to see if mold removal may be necessary.

Removing Mold on Walls

Molds grow on damp walls, and if left undetected, it may lead to some pretty serious property damage. If your walls are insulated, then cleaning mold can be quite easy. You can treat the affected areas with mold-killing agents like bleach or vinegar and use an old piece of cloth to wipe out the mold.

However, if your walls are not primed, you would have to seal off the infected area and then cut out the moldy wall. Because mold eats away at drywall and wood, removing mold present on the wall will not be sufficient. 

Hence, you will have to discard any part of the wall that may have mold growth and prime the cleaned wall with a sealing agent to prevent recurring mold problems.

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Basement Mold

Basements often have little to no ventilation and lack sunlight, both of which are ultimate fuel sources for mold. Basements also tend to have a colder temperature, which can lead to dampness and condensation. In the case of flood, water usually remains stagnant in the basements and takes longer to dry than the other rooms. Such conditions put you at risk for growth of toxic mold like the black mold.

Make sure to dry out wet carpets and other wet materials as soon as possible. Wet clothes and walls can also house mold, which, if left unidentified, can spread to other surfaces and cause damage. Mold can grow on any organic surface. It is advisable to use mold inspection services, or you can hire professionals who have specialized mold test kits to kill the mold colonies.

Mold Removal Cost

Houses with a mold infestation can develop a musty smell and potential health risks like lung diseases, allergies, and general irritation. In order to control mold growth, we identify, test, and remove. Our job is to keep you home and loved ones safe – and we treat each family as if it were our own. The costs of service are intended to be a balance between affordable and effective.

We never want to compromise the quality of our mold detectors, cleaners, or filters. Doing so would be a disservice to our values. As such, you can be confident that the tools and equipment we use are of the highest quality. At the end of the day, our local Columbus professionals can give you back what is most valuable – peace of mind. Call Mold Remediation Columbus today!

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