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Mold is neither a plant nor an animal. It is a type of fungi that multiply through spores—the spores land on moist, damp surfaces, which then form into mold colonies. If you have clean, dry rooms that have excellent ventilation systems and get plenty of sunlight, you are most likely not to have future mold problems. For rooms without these features, mold inspection can be used to determine your possible mold exposure risk.

It is necessary to be on the lookout for mold colonies as they sometimes go undetected, causing various problems in the future. It should be pretty easy to detect as it forms black and white spotting on surfaces like doors, windows, or walls. Sometimes molds grow in places that cannot be seen or undetected. In this case, you can hire professional mold remediation assistance to identify and locate molds.

If your house is left uninhabited for quite some time, upon return, consider getting a mold testing kit to locate the growth of mold. Get periodic mold inspection services from expert professionals at Mold Remediation Columbus. With our mold inspection Columbus services, rest assured that there are no such occurrences in the future.

Benefits of Getting Mold Inspected

If you own a home or business in Columbus, it is possible to experience water damage that leads to fungal growth. If you detect mold colonies forming in your house, it is best to get the required cleaning measures! This is to prevent the growth of any toxic black mold that might create some serious health risks to anyone with autoimmune diseases.

Continued exposure to molds can cause neurological disorders, fatigue, and other respiratory problems. Mold infestation can create a musty smell and pollute the air quality of your house. Using a mold inspection and testing service can help you get rid of any toxic mold health risk.

Mold eats away at any surface that houses it, be it walls, wooden fittings, and even ceilings. Untreated mold colonies can damage the plumbing units and the overall structural integrity of your house. If you suspect mold growth, it is critical action be taken early to prevent further damage to your property. Call Mold Remediation Columbus for a free on-site inspection and we will help guide your next best steps.

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Mold Inspection and Testing

Mold inspection and testing go hand in hand. While an inspection would determine whether you have mold growth and then locate the size of the infested area, mold testing usually is done to identify the type of mold growth and the number of spores diffused in the air.

Conducting a mold test is the best way to determine whether or not an issue is present. Since a variety of mold spores can be located indoors, it is important to determine whether or not those species present a health risk, or are harmless. As much as we know about mold, it is often impossible to determine the extent of a mold issue without proper scientific testing.

Mold inspection, on the other hand, is basically looking for discolorations of any kind throughout the property and a much easier process. In some cases, the mold may not be readily found, and the mold inspector might have to remove certain portions of a wall or floor. It is better to call for restoration services like ours in such instances.

Mold in Attic or Basement?

Columbus basements are one of the most common mold breeding grounds. The dark and damp atmosphere facilitates the speedy multiplication of mold colonies. To avoid any mold exposure in the basement, one should always clear out any kind of stagnant moisture or excess humidity. Also, you can always reach out to our experts periodically to handle it for you.

Attics are closed spaces that lack good ventilation systems, and so they are, too, an ideal place for mold growth. One should check that the attic is aired out quite often, and any leakage from the roof is waterproofed. Molds can cause serious structural damage to the attics and necessitate costly repairs and possibly reconstruction. It’s best to hire professionals who know their way around an attic. Keep in mind, not all restoration companies are not all created equal. Mold Remediation Columbus can help you prevent the spread of mold colonies and eliminate those that have already begun. Give us a call today for a free mold inspection estimate!

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