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The need for Black Mold Removal services is often due to the unsupervised growth of mold in high moisture areas of the home. “Black mold in basement” is one of the most common ways people find us. Just because the mold is black, however, does not mean you are at an immediate risk. Over 60 different species of black mold are incorrectly assigned to the Black Mold category.

Mold Remediation Columbus offers complete black mold removal services with expert aid from indoor environmental professionals. Visual inspections are not always adequate to determine the severity or volume of the indoor fungus. While water damage is a primary factor for mold growth within walls, black mold grows well in undisturbed damp areas with limited airflow. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t growing and dangerous to your health. We can perform a black mold test to determine the quality of your air and develop an action plan if necessary.

Our certified professionals bring appropriate equipment, primarily a hygrometer, thermal imaging camera, and particle counter for the first mold inspection. You can rely on us to identify high risk mold sites and deploy effective mold removal and control services.

Black Mold Symptoms

It is essential to understand that black mold exposure is not merely exposure to a single definite mold species. There are multiple common indoor molds, including species like Alternaria, Penicillium, Fusarium, Stachybotrys, and more. Continuous exposure to any mold presents potential health risks.

Additionally, symptoms of a mold allergy appear similar, and a single individual may react differently to various molds. Mold allergy symptoms differ from individual to individual, depending on health-related or immunity-related conditions. For people suffering from asthma or sensitive to allergic reactions, the symptoms can be extreme, from fever to shortness of breath. Some of the general symptoms of mold exposure you may incur include throat, eye, or skin irritations, coughing/wheezing, and nasal blockage.

Aside from the well-known symptoms of black mold illness, a few other symptoms include:

  • Systemic inflammation
  • Toxicity issues
  • General irritation
  • Infections
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Black Mold in Basement?

Black molds prefer blocks of microclimates suited to their potential growth. Indoors, there are multiple such areas where footfall is limited and basements rate high in the zones for black mold growth and mildew. The primary element in encouraging black mold infestation is optimal humidity levels. Additional humid spots, besides walls, include leaking pipes under sinks, stagnant water, consistent condensation on windows, and more. 

Other than a basement, mold growth is visible in damp and dark places in a kitchen, laundry space, and bathrooms. The secondary element necessary for black mold proliferation is nutrition. Any organic matter forms a perfect base to further the mold spread. You would have noticed the tightly packed books in your bookshelves, developing a blackish mold on their outer covers. Even wallpapers, over-stuffed cabinets, and closets develop mold overtime when omitted from regular cleaning and maintenance checks.

Testing for Black Mold

Bear in mind that not all black mold is toxic in nature. So, before you panic and run helter-skelter throwing out your belongings, consider testing the mold species for its toxicity. If you prefer taking the initial action, then purchase a mold detector kit that enables you to collect the mold sample yourself. 

Professional mold removal companies do more than mere mold testing, analyzing, and effective removal. The services also include remediation of the mold damage, be it residential or commercial. Depending on the severity or non-severity of the mold infestation, restoration companies offer non-invasive mold removal services to limit property alterations. Our local Columbus pros can answer your call.

At Mold Remediation Columbus, you can rest assured of the quality of our services we furnish. Let our specialists handle the heavy-lifting of mold damage remediation, cleanup, as well as eliminate future mold control. Call below to set up a free mold inspection today!

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