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Mold Removal professional spraying mold growth on the inside of a wallAt Mold Remediation Columbus, we offer comprehensive solutions to get rid of your mold problem once and for all. Whether for a residential or commercial property, our experienced team is ready and able to take care of any need you may have. If you are concerned about mold on walls, basement mold, or simply the musty smell that has become all too normal, we are the team to call. Our services offer you a transparent, timely, and trustworthy resolution to situations that can often be discomforting and uncertain. Protect your property and your loved ones by taking proactive action to eliminate mold before the problem gets out of hand. Our team is always available to answer and respond to whatever moldy situation you may find yourself in.

Why Our Mold Removal Company?

Our team has served the Columbus, OH community for a number of years, and we truly are the premier restoration company in town. With countless years of experience in every situation you can think of, no project is out of reach. In an industry filled with misinformation and inconsistency, our dedication to transparency and customer service puts us head and shoulders above other restoration companies. We ensure that every job we complete will be conducted with the highest level of integrity and professionalism the industry has to offer. We provide FREE estimates to give you a clear picture of exactly what needs done. We won’t sell you services you don’t need. In fact, we will even show you how to do the job yourself if necessary! We acknowledge that our company lives and dies by our good name. Therefore, we do everything we can to protect it by putting the customer first. Need a mold inspection today? We are just a click or call away!`

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Mold Remediation Columbus Services

Our service offering is designed around exactly what your specific mold job requires. We don’t push cookie-cutter packages, regardless of the situation. Our job is to objectively inform you of where the area of concern stands, and let you direct our actions. Mold and mildew growth can be one of the most dangerous things to ever enter your home. We take the responsibility seriously and promise to treat your property with the same level of service and attention to detail as we would our own.

Mold Remediation Columbus investigating possible mold growth in the attic of a downtown apartment

Mold Inspection

Before taking any action to remove, remediate, or mitigate mold, it is essential to determine whether or not it is even there. Often times, mold growth can be seen just by taking a look at the affected areas. However, depending on the details surrounding the water damage and source of moisture, the effects could spread far beyond what the eye can see. Our mold inspection services ensure a root cause analysis is performed and that 100% of the mold’s impact is understood. Inspections performed early in the process can help avoid extremely costly and invasive efforts on the backend. Unfortunately, many mold remediation companies in Columbus have been known to cut corners. Not us. Our mold technicians will provide you with a meticulous and straight forward assessment that ensures you make informed decisions.

Mold Removal

The source of all mold growth comes back to excess moisture. If your home or business has experienced water damage of any size, there is a chance mold may be growing. Mold spores typically need just 48-72 hours near water to begin their growth cycle. Depending on the location of mold damage (drywall, bathroom, basement, attic), removal strategies can vary significantly. Our team of seasoned professionals have seen most every kind of mold situation possible, and work with you to determine how to most quickly and efficiently get the fungal infestation eliminated. Mold growth doesn’t have to be a time of panic – let our comprehensive approach to mold removal give you peace of mind.

Mold Removal Services being performed in a dusty attic with black mold growing on the plywood

Mold Remediation

Once it is clear that growth is present within the property through mold inspection and testing, it is essential to get it contained and removed immediately. Our team of Columbus mold technicians take great care in ventilating, cleaning and disinfecting the area in question to ensure the mold is remediated successfully. As mentioned, it is critical that moisture and humidity concerns be attacked at the source. Without source control, growth can continue to resume, causing more headache and financial expense. Many restoration companies attempt to scare customers or incite fear surrounding the need for mold remediation. We acknowledge that scare tactics aren’t the best way to a satisfied customer. Call today for a free, straight-forward inspection to see if mold remediation is what you need.

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Mold Testing

Mold inspection and testing go hand in hand. When it is clear that there is a fungus among us, testing helps determine clear next steps. Not only will mold tests kits show the concentration and volume of spores, mold testing also determines the species that may be growing. Poor indoor air quality can contribute to asthma, allergies, and many other conditions. Mold Remediation Columbus uses industry leading technology to turn questions or suspicions into answers – fast. Our mold detector tests are shipped to certified partner laboratories that provide an in-depth analysis about exactly what the severity of your mold growth really is. These results are expedited back and available to you within days. As a result, you are given clear direction on whether or not pursuing mold removal is in your best interest.

Mold Testing being performed in a bedroom suspected of having black mold

Black Mold Removal

When it comes to mold species, black mold is often the one most individuals are familiar with. Although not all mold is toxic or harmful to your health, Stachybotrys chartarum is certainly an exception. Patches of slimy growth colored dark green, black, or gray, can be a serious concern. These spores, if present in your home, are known to cause respiratory issues, congestion, and even chronic fatigue. Under the right conditions, black mold can become invasive and quickly present a serious risk. Our team is trained to inspect, test, and remove all forms of black mold and eliminate the offending substance from your space. Many homeowners try to perform DIY mold removal with borax, vinegar, bleach, or ammonia. For small, contained areas, we do sometimes recommend avoiding the expense of using a professional. However, with black mold, it’s best to call in Columbus’ pros.

Mildew Removal

The EPA defines mold and mildew slightly different, but both should be unwelcome in your home. The microscopic fungi referred to as “mold” can be characterized by multicellular filament growth (“hyphae”). Mildew is a more generic term used to describe growth on a flat surface and often appears powdery or fluffy. The most common area for mildew growth tends to be in the bathroom, where numerous organic materials are present. Shower curtains, drywall, ceilings, windowsills, and floors are all susceptible to increased moisture with little ventilation. The resulting musty odor that often arises is a clear indicator that you may have a mildew issue. It is important to determine the severity of the issue before spores begin to travel on air particles and present a more significant health risk.

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"We needed a mold inspection for a property we were selling. Their team was incredibly helpful in answering our questions and worked with us to lower the mold removal cost."
-Mary R.
"I gave them a call to conduct mold testing on an area in my basement that I thought was black mold. The test came back quickly and they got to work right away. Great team to work with!"
-Thomas P.
"We received quotes from a number of companies and came across Mold Remediation Columbus. From our very first interaction they were professional and timely. We would definitely recommend."
-Mike B.

Sign and Symptoms of Mold

There are close to 1,000 different types of mold that can be found growing indoors. These different species are often classified according to their impact on humans. Their impact can range significantly, but here are some of the most well-known symptoms of continuous mold exposure :

  • Vertigo, dizziness, and/or tremors
  • Abdominal changes including discomfort, diarrhea, or nausea
  • Metallic taste
  • Eye irritation or hypersensitivity
  • Shortness of breath, excessive coughing
  • Headaches, difficulty focusing, or mental “haziness”
  • Chronic fatigue or unexplained weakness
  • Global aches and pains, often within joints
  • Difficulty controlling body temperature, sweating
  • Nerve pain

Mold Classifications

It is important to differentiate between mold that can contribute to health problems and those that cannot. Not every type of mold is dangerous – even if it is growing in your home. Here are the largest classification categories of mold:

Allergenic: when it comes to dangerous fungal growth, allergenic molds present the least risk for the general population. However, for individuals with comorbid conditions that impact the respiratory system such as asthma or COPD, these molds can be very harmful. Allergenic molds commonly produce immune system reactions in children and young adults.

Toxigenic: these types of mold produce dangerous substances known as mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are chemicals that can travel on air particles and can be ingested, inhaled, or even absorbed from physical touch. Depending on the size and extent of the toxigenic mold within the home, professional mold remediation companies are often a necessary resource.

Pathogenic: while not as immediately dangerous as toxigenic, pathogenic molds can result in harmful infections in the upper respiratory tract. For those predisposed to illness due to a compromised immune system, pathogenic molds can pose a serious threat. Mold illnesses are serious and if left unchecked, can cause lifelong effects.